Swedish Massage Techniques

Therapists using the Swedish massage on someone will use one of six different techniques. Each one of the techniques help to relax the muscles in the body and improve the circulation between the muscles and the rest of the body.


This is the most popular Swedish massage technique. During this technique the Swedish massage therapist will use long, sweeping strokes over the entire body instead of focusing on just one area. Those who have never used this technique may feel a little uncomfortable at first because there muscles are so taut. In the end the muscles all over will be relaxed and will be able to release any pain that the person was feeling.


This technique works to spread heat through the muscles – which in turn will help them to relax. The therapist will rub their hands together quickly on the surface of the skin. Or they will rub their hands together quickly before laying them down and working out the kinks in the muscles.


This technique is the art of squeezing and kneading all of the muscles in the back, neck, neck, and shoulders. Instead of working on one specific part of the body they will try to focus on all of the muscles that are overly tight. This Swedish massage technique will help to relax the muscles in a deeper level.


This technique uses long strokes that help to rejuvenate the part of the body that they are working on. They do this by ‘chopping’ with their hands. They may cup their hands or use the side of their hands and hit the area in a specific rhythm. Despite the way that it sounds this technique does not hurt.


This technique is used when working on the person’s legs, arms, or head. The therapist will pull at the different parts, stretching out the muscles. This is usually done at the very end of the massage. Trying to pull the muscles before they are fully relaxed will hurt the patient.


This technique is when the therapist will shake a specific area of the body. They will use the heel of their hand or the side of the hand and move it backwards and forwards over the skin.