Swedish Massage

Work, school, and life in general can cause us to become run down and stressed out. We try different ways to de-stress and take our minds off of the things that are worrying us. But it seems that most things we try will only work for a short time and get old fast. The best way to let go of the stress and to relieve your body from worries and concerns is to have a Swedish massage.

Many of us have heard of the Swedish massage – but how many of us actually know what it entails? There are dozens of different types of massages and techniques used to help someone relax and to work out all of the kinks in the body. But Swedish Massagenone is more popular and more effective than the Swedish massage.

This massage was created in 1812 by Henri Peter Ling – a Swedish physiologist at the University of Stockholm. The Swedish massage utilizes a firm and yet gentle pressure on the back, neck, and shoulders. There are many Swedish massage benefits that include; improving circulation, releasing tension, and help people to relax.

There are five different movements used during a Swedish massage:

  • Long, smooth strokes
  • Friction
  • Vibration
  • Tapping
  • Kneading of the muscles

The Swedish massage therapist will pour oil on the person’s back and slowly and gently knead it into the body. The oil helps to work out the kinks and release tension. After the oil is poured the therapist will perform a special Swedish massage technique. This is the base of other types of massages that include the aromatherapy and deep tissue massage.